Coach John,

I want to let you know that you have been an incredible coach to our daughter. She has learned so much with you in such a short time period. Your delivery is fantastic. You teach the girls important skills, explain the technical side and real life application to the game. My daughter has never been so motivated to continue to improve her skills as a soccer player. You set high standards and as a parent, that is exactly what I hoped to see when we joined. I have sat and witnessed your everyday interactions with the girls and can see how much you love working with them and how much they love having you as their coach. You have a gift for coaching. 

                DS of Glastonbury


"The trainer was very organized and methodical. Stated the plan of action before the session started and was almost non-stop until the end, giving my boy a few breaks for water. My child said, he was scary at first, but he's really funny. He enjoyed the session and that says a lot for a 7 year old."          NB of West Hartford


"John was awesome. He demonstrated some extremely tricky foot-skills, mixing in strength & fitness to boot. My daughter was in awe, but realized as the session went on-she herself was improving. He is highly energetic and oozes confidence. She cannot wait for next session. Even stayed an extra 30 minutes afterward to explain his plan for my daughter."                                                                                 MC of Simsbury


"Truly professional in every aspect, from demonstrations, time management, educating usage of footskills, and concluding statements at completion of the session. I am just dismayed that we cannot book him in advance. His ability to communicate with my daughter was outstanding, considering, she is such an introvert. He made the session fun and educational. The trainer used humor to bypass the complexities of the exercises. He was fun to watch, takes it seriously, and the way he speaks grabs you."                                     LM of Glastonbury


"Known John now for over ten years and have posted before, but this is his new website. He has trained both my older boys (both play D1 college), and now trains my youngest. By far the best trainer in Connecticut, from expertise given on the field and off. He is way more than a trainer to my family, he has been their mentor. All my boys love John. His demeanor is hard to explain because at times, he's tough as nails and at other moments, he's compassionate. And yes, a good sense of humor too. He has driven 90 minutes (one direction) to train one of my older boys this fall BC my son stated, John is better than my college coach by far. I can go on and on about this man."                            TC of Avon


"The trainer was punctual and passionate about the game. His knowledge of the game was obvious from the get-go. Have had other trainers for my daughter in the past, but have never seen anyone quite like him. He was fluid on the ball, the ball actually looked glued to his feet. The trainer worked in the littlest things from posture, running technique, and strength/fitness. He was motivating my daughter the entire time, encouraging, considering most of her coaches did the opposite."                         DM of Cheshire  


"The last statement John said to me, stood out. He said, he wants all of his trainees to have fun while training, but not at the expense of proper training. He is tough, pushes my daughter to the extreme every clinic, but shows that he cares. it's been 3 years now and her favorite soccer training is with John. She has played travel and currently premier, but she always points out, John's training focuses on me and only me. She loves the individual attention."                                                              SS of Canton


"John is not like any trainer I have ever come across and I have had a few for my son over the years. Always believed additional training would be the key to success, but never realized just how much until I watch my son play now. We started working with John when he was in middle school and his development has been incredible. He is a varsity starter as a freshman and a key part of the team. Even though his private school trains/plays 6 days a week, he mandates (harsh word now) that he sees John every week and he does. He works on everything John shows him and states he will only listen to John when it comes to soccer advice."                    MG of East Longmeadow


"The trainer was excellent. His demonstrations, insight, and explanations of where, why, and when to use the skills were second to none. His manner of communicating with my son was impressive. Have never seen my son work so hard. The trainer even stayed an extra 15 minutes at no extra cost."                                                                                                                                                                  JB of Fairfield 


"The trainer from PST was the best that my son has had in 5 years. My son plays both premier & high school soccer and has had many coaches in his time, but he pointed out so many differences from his current/past coaches compared to the trainer. Simply, the positive energy and the confidence he instills is foremost. In the last 3 months, I have seen a major transformation in is body language on the field. This trainer (John), attacks the expected areas, technical and physical, but his mental approach to the game has rubbed off on my son.                                                                                      JR of Simsbury


"My daughter started working with the trainer this fall of 21' and he has been worth every minute. He is disciplined and organized. Spends extra time to explain or answer any questions. Been involved with premier for many years and never had a coach open to discuss my child's development. We have not missed a week of training this fall because my daughter enjoys the training."                                           RT of Kensington


"Professionalism, passion, and personality. The best way to describe this individual trainer. Have never seen anyone so unyielding in training sessions. My daughter is only 10 years old and was worried about getting a trainer at such a young age, but now know that I made the best decision. He is 10X better than any coach she has ever had and that is her words."                                                                    FW of Westport 


"The trainer was direct, informative, and challenging. My son was so tired at the conclusion of the training session that he even slept on the way home. The next day, states, I really like John. He is tough, but he cares about everything being done right and makes me start over when I mess up. Watched from sidelines, he backs up everything that he says."                                                                                  EG of West Hartford


"Simply the best trainer I have witnessed in ten years as a parent. Personality and professionalism. My daughter couldn't stop talking about him the entire ride home."               KT of Wallingford